V.A. / night cruising compilation “tone”



title: night cruising compilation “tone”
artist: V.A.

cat#: NCD-01
format: CD / digital
date: November.22th.2012
JPN price(CD): 2625yen(tax in)

01. midori hirano – rain trees
02. Marihiko Hara – IN DESERTO
03. SJQ – dip
04. intext – fraktur
05. polar M – November
06. intext – Mechanick Exercises
07. polarM – Rainsteps
08. Sheeprint – アフタートーク
09. Marihiko Hara + Sylvain Chauveau – Lord Autumn
10. intext – fraktur (moshimoss remix)
11. polar M – November (Ametsub remix)

2006年より京都を中心に各地で開催、これまで電子音楽を軸とした数々の国内外のアーティストやレーベルを招き、地元京都で活動するアーティストと共に、良質のイベントを実現させてきた「night cruising(ナイトクルージング)」。
レーベル「night cruising」としての初リリースは、イベントゆかりのアーティスト達による、全曲エクスクルーシブのコンピレーション。
night cruisingにコンスタントに出演し、京都を拠点に活動するMarihiko Hara、polar M、intext、京都にルーツのあるmidori hirano、SJQ、sheeprintが、今回の企画のために新曲を制作。そしてnight cruisingと絆の深いAmetsub、moshimossをリミキサーに迎え、アーティスト・イン・レジデンスとして京都に滞在し交流を深めていたSylvain Chauveauが共作で参加しています。

“Night Cruising” has been hosting many quality events, with Kyoto-based artists, often inviting a lot of electronic music artists throughout Japan and from abroad. And the range of music is not limited to electronic music. “Night Cruising” has released its first album, a compilation consisting of exclusive pieces by the artists who have taken part in the events. Marihiko Hara, Polar M, and Intext, who have been performing constantly in Night Cruising events. Midori Hirano, SJQ, and Sheeprint, whose roots are from Kyoto. Their new works just for this project are available on this album. Ametsub and Moshimoss, who have tight bondings with “Night Cruising” are remixing. Sylvain Chauveau, who was staying in Kyoto as an artist in residence and deepening exchanges with “Night Cruising”, joins. This album took plenty about two years to complete, will give you a great time and warm feelings. Also, please note the beautiful artwork of the album by the designers, who have been working on the flyers for the events.


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